Global Model United Nations 2011 successfully ended!


3rd Annual Global Model UN is over. It is not just yet another MUN Conference. Global MUN is more than 600 delegates from 65 all over the world representing different MUN associations. Global MUN is the Conference with the most realistic procedural rules, almost the same with real procedural rules of the United Nations General Assembly, presence of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and other high-ranked UN officials, adopted resolutions drafted to the UN Headquarters in New York and another step forward for MUNRFE.

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Global Model United Nations 2011 has started!


It is our great pleasure to share with you the information from the Republic of Korea: the 3rd Global Model United Nations Conference in the Korean city Inchon has started!

The honor of MUNRFE is represented there by Olga Katina, Alexey Sidorenko, Andrey Kozinets and Anastasia Skripnick. We would like to mention especially that Anastasia Skripnick is a member of the Secretariat during such a big and important youth-related international event.

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XIX President Council Decisions

XIX MUNRFE President Council decisions Adopted on the third day of July, 2011 in Vladivostok, Russia

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XIX MUNRFE Presidents Council


The XIX MUNRFE Pres. Council took place in Vladivostok, 1-3 of July.

For the first time for the last 2 years the Council was held in 3 instead of 2 days which gave all the participants more time in order to discuss all the issues in detailed properties. For the first time in a while MUNRFE Founder Jeffrey Lindstrom took part in Pres. Council and contributed a lot to the productiveness of the Council through asking catchy questions and making wise remarks and comments.

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MUNRFE member at Potanin’s Summer School


Sometimes we experience trouble, but its consequences are much harder than it was expected. Or, on the contrary, we reach something, and it brings us more than we supposed it to be. It is like an iceberg: you see only a smaller part of it being far from it, but its real size can be realized only while colliding with it.

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Shared Mental Models of Leadership


The summer is blossoming; bringing us myriads of pleasant minutes of rest and blissful idleness, it releases us from usual obligations during the academic year and the necessity to work hard. However, some MUNers decided to sacrifice one week of their deserved relaxation for spending it for their own good.

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