Olga Kostina - Chairperson of ICJ at 60th MUNFW Session in San-Francico


Olga KostinaMUNRFE!

Finally, the name of a person, who will occupy the high position of ICJ chair for SF’10 60th Session of MUNFW was announced! This committee will be hosted by our delegation for the first time, and a great honor to create and endorse it to MUNFW sessions is in the hands of Olga Kostina!

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MUNRFE Members Held a Press-Conference

"What is the greatest vice and pleasure of the human being? – It is fame…"

O. Wilde 

June, 5 became a milestone for the life of Vladivostok MUNRFE club, as well, as for the whole MUNRFE. During a long history of our organization we always had a need and wish to be noticed, to be talked about. And finally, our dreams had come true, and there was no event, so widely observed by mass media since this date…

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MUNRFE, local authorities and other NGOs. Are there any links?

| Cooperation

Yes, there are links on different levels. Briefly about them.

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MUNRFE member conquers the Regional Chinese Competition!


On May 16, 2009, the XII Regional Competition of the Chinese language among students of Russian Far East and Transbaikalia was conducted at the Far Eastern National University in Vladivostok.

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Summer Programme “FireStarter” is an annual event aimed at making positive contributions on social and civic development of the Russian Far East by means of granting high-school students with new opportunities for self-development.

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Each year in August, MUNRFE conducts the Summer Educational Program “FireStarter” for high-school students from different cities of the Russian Far East and Siberia. “FireStarter” is a unique program, organized and implemented entirely by students of the Russian Far East. It is based on the active involvement of high-school students in educational training, seminars, interactive games, excursions, and master-classes.

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