2022: Year in Review

New Chairman of the MUNRFE Advisory Council

Acting Executive Director is Appointed

New Presidential Team of the Vladivostok Club

2021: Year in Review

The end of 2021 has come. It was full of happy memories, magnificent events, and bright achievements of the MUNRFE members. Now is the time when we can take stock of the past days of the year and bravely open the doors to 2022.


Changes in the MUNRFE Board

On December 8, Ms. Tatiana Akuneeva received her promotion to the position of the MUNRFE Deputy Executive Director. The structure has also been extended with the position of the MUNRFE Director for Public Relations occupied by Ms. Kamila Kukushkina.

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2022: Year in Review
Saturday, 31 December 2022 23:45

While 2023 is standing just around the corner, we sum up the results of 2022 to get ready for opening the door to the coming year.

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