2022: Year in Review

New Chairman of the MUNRFE Advisory Council

Acting Executive Director is Appointed

New Presidential Team of the Vladivostok Club

On April 7-9, the MUNRFE Vladivostok Club conducted Round Table 2022 at the Far Eastern Federal University campus. The project itself was implemented under the guidance of its Coordinators, Ms. Daria Bakanina and Ms. Anna Kondrich, with the assistance of the Working group members, Ms. Valeria Kravchenko and Mr. Artem Safronov

MUNRFE Member in C-MIMUN Secretariat

MUNRFE member, Ms. Polina Dolgopolova, will participate as a part of Secretariat in the Churkin Moscow International Model United Nations 2022 (C-MIMUN 2022). 

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2022: Year in Review
Saturday, 31 December 2022 23:45

While 2023 is standing just around the corner, we sum up the results of 2022 to get ready for opening the door to the coming year.

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